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Grass Fed Beef

Our small herd of Simmental beef cattle includes an eye pleasing mix of red and black shades grazing on the pastures. All our cattle have come from the same herd Erin established back in PA when she first started showing beef cattle at the age of 15. Unlike many other farms, we don’t buy in our feeders for one season and then rush them off to freezers. All our animals are either born on our MA farm or on Erin’s parents grazing operation in PA and join us in MA after spending their first 6 months hanging with their moms. Our cattle typically spend 20 – 24 months grazing before being humanely processed at a local USDA facility.

Our cattle spend the spring, summers and autumns grazing on rotationally managed pastures. Rotational grazing provides the cattle continuous access to fresh grass while promoting better pasture management and health. This system allows for development of excellent tasting and healthy beef.

When fresh pasture is not available, the cattle feed on a blend of locally harvested hay or baleage & a supplement of mineral supplement and brewer’s grain from a local Plymouth brewery, Independent Fermentation, which compliments their hay based diets in the winter. 

If you would like to learn more about purchasing our grass fed beef please visit the Farm Store

Pastured Pork

We source weaned Tamworth cross piglets from a fellow Plympton farm & friend, Revival Farm, and raise them amongst our woods and pastures. They enjoy the space to dig and root around, waddle and overall just enjoy themselves.

Their diet is a diversified mix of locally-sourced veggies, grain and artisan breads. This ration provides them a balanced diet, meeting their required protein and minerals needed to grow. This diet translates into a better tasting pork with excellent marbling. You’ve never had pork chops quite like this!

Pastured Poultry

Bogside Acres and our neighbors, Revival Farm, have collaborated to provide you, our customers, with fresh pastured poultry marketed as Plympton Poultry.

The Cornish cross broiler chicks arrive to our farm when they are just a day or two old and spend the first three weeks of living in a warm brooder. After which, they are moved to chicken tractors designed to provide stress free living. The chicken tractors provide a both form of protection from predators and a mobile unit to move the chickens around our pastures. We visit the tractors daily to move the pastured poultry to allow for plenty of access to fresh grass and insects (a chicken delicacy).

The chickens’ diets are supplemented with locally milled, all natural, chemical and additive free grain to help them grow. They are brought to a local USDA processor around eight weeks old. The finished product available to our customers is a delicious, tender 4 to 5 pound roaster.

If you would like to purchase some fresh pastured poultry or join the Poultry CSA for 2019  please visit the Plympton Poultry Farm Store